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What we do

The purpose of Sunshine Project for Community Inc Charity is to support local communities and organisations to achieve sustainability, decrease their carbon footprint and respond to the impacts of climate change at a local level by raising awareness and educating the community in ways to enhance their local natural environment and live a more sustainable life. 


Wentworth Falls lake sunset

To achieve this, we educate and raise awareness & funds in relation to:

  • The protection and enhancement of the natural environment including biodiversity.

  • Understanding the impacts of climate change on the environment and our daily lives.

  • Building resilience to natural disasters and impacts of climate change.

  • Implementation of energy efficiency and renewable options for not-for-profit organisations that serve the community (Green Community Program.)

  • Carbon offsetting with an emphasis on afforestation & reforestation projects and regenerative agriculture.

  • Ways to work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Promotion of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander ways of Caring for Country.

How it works

The motivation to establish Sunshine Project was to bring the benefits from carbon offsetting into the local community. Offset programs are invariably placed in overseas locations. The offsets from these programs are purchased by organisations a long way away. The idea of Sunshine Project was to make sure that the benefits of carbon offsetting are shared in the localities of the organisations that bought the offsets. In other words, bring it home. 

Eco Profit donates 10% from its offset sales to Sunshine Project for Community projects.


Sunshine Project has a sister company called Eco Profit that is certified to facilitate high-quality carbon offsets that are genuinely additional. Eco Profit donates 10% to Sunshine Project from every carbon offset it sells to its customers. This is a unique situation where corporations and government agencies are putting money back into their local communities.

It's a win-win for all!

Sunshine Project for Community Inc utilises Australian Government funding programs

Grant Funding

Sunshine Project keeps abreast of current funding opportunities and holds all eligibility criteria and insurances to successfully submit grant applications to both Federal and State governments to help expedite projects. 

Sunshine Project for Community Inc accepts donations for its community projects.


The Sunshine Project is funded by Ecoprofit donations, grants, and contributions from individuals, businesses like Bendigo Bank and organisations such as Rotary.

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